I have made it kind of clear many times that I do not have a green thumb…like not even the slightest slightest shade of muted muted green.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love beautiful blooms and super pretty hanging plants.  It just means I could never really have a beautiful backyard garden or house filled with stunning plants because it requires time and new knowledge that I don’t have time for.  I can barely remember to pick some up at the grocery store when I am there.  I always have flowers in mind when I am shopping.  It isn’t until I get home that I am reminded by the numerous empty vases scattered around the house that once again I have come home empty-handed in the floral department.  But finally I have found a solution…The Bouqs!!!

The Bouqs is a cut to order, eco-friendly, free delivery floral experience.  The flowers are cut the day you order them from the farm.  Their volcano stems are grown 10,000 feet above sea level, which I found out means lots of sun which equals lots of color!!!!


Ordering is simple.  All you have to do is choose from their beautifully curated selection online, put it in your online shopping cart, pay the $40 flat price which includes shipping and you’re done.  They even have a next day delivery option. An to make it even better they are offering 20% off your first purchase with discount code KATIE20.


The best part for me was not only do they have the regular flower delivery service for special occasions or just because, but they also have a flower subscription service.  I now have flowers delivered right to my door each week…I mean how convenient is that?  I was thinking of looking into a grocery delivery service, dry cleaning delivery service, and maybe completely working from home…I’ll never have to leave the house again….well except to pick up the kids…oh wait no the bus does that.  Life is looking a whole lot easier!!!!

You need to check out The Bouqs.  Everything from the way it looks sitting at the front door, to the way the contents in the box look before you even unwrap the flowers is more beautiful than a sleeping baby picture….okay they at least tie but this close comparison is why I had to photograph each stage.





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