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I am not going to lie… I am busy, like super busy and some things go by the way side.  Like quality time with my kids…well that and probably some good old life long values I should be teaching them more consistantly.  We don’t have family dinners as often as we should or family nights…like ever, but the moments we do have together I try to make them memorable, funny, and real!!!  With that said I was super excited to receive these awesome activity kits by Happy Heart Kids.  They have activity kits that are filled with games and craft projects that focus on social emotional learning for the whole family. 
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the baby hands…ahhhhh

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chubby baby hands…

They are super fun and super easy which is great for busy parents and little kids who’s attention spans are non-existent.  But I think the best part of these activity kits are their message, not only for what they are teach the kids but the parents as well.  More times than I would like to admit,  I have totally lost it when the kids were acting rudely or inappropriate, or just plain bratty.  My first instinct has always been to yell…as if my scary scary voice is going to make them stop hitting each other or make them clean up after themselves.  In reality it just teaches them that yelling is the right way to handle their anger.  The last thing I want to do is raise 5 replicas of myself…Oh my gosh can you image?  Since I do work though I lose a lot of time in the character building area and since my husband is the master in this area I sadly defer to him too often teaching the kids that I am incompetent in this area…I should first at least try to fake it right??  No but really,I need to assure them that I too am someone  they can turn to when they have questions about their feelings or this crazy world we live in.


Felt flowers to give to his lady friend…just kidding!    Teaching Charles kindness through giving.


Just Finn sharing his feelings with his family


How she feels when I ask her to do the dishes

So we totally (yes I say totally a lot) made a crafting day of it and it was more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined.  I learned thinks about every child.  I learned about their fears, their goals (Finn wants to be the President of a Lego Club one day, read all the Diary of  a Wimpy Kid books and be a famous drummer one day.  Charles asked how he could impress a girl in his class and get her attention without getting made fun of…my heart sank.   Kaitlin, being 14 and maybe even more knowledgeable in this area than me worked with the babies on putting a felt necklace together.  Watching her work with them made me feel like I had maybe done something right because really…she is freaking cool!!!!   That was until she walked away to text her friend and left the babies at the table alone!!! Markers, scissors, and glue do not go well with Emma…lets leave it at that.

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 I highly recommend heading over to the Happy Heart Kid website and checking out some of their fun and creative kits.  It’s TOTALLY worth it and TOTALLY rewarding and TOTALLY fun!!!




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