I cant begin to tell you how excited I was to get these plates. First off I was going to be able to play with food and make outfits out of it…whoot whoot. I majored in Fashion Design in college, and well never actually did anything with it so this was pretty cool for me. When I was in design school my dream was to be a children’s clothing designer because kids look so cute in everything. In the end I got married, had kids, and eventually got a really great job that has nothing to do with fashion or creativity. The lack of creativity in my wonderful current job…lol…is why my Instagram is so important to me. I am finally able to be creative and people seemed to like it…it really does feel good, so thanks for that!!!


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Anyway these cute plates are from Dylbug. Dylbug Specializes in personalized products for little ones. Leslie Mingo, the founder took her love for cooking, her children, and graphic design talents and created the cutest dress up plates, cutters, and placemats. Her goal was to make healthy food fun…and believe me it is. I literally spent way to much money at the grocery store when I went to shop for the food. I had so many cool and fun ideas and I wanted to do them all….I ended up doing four but that is just because it’s kind of hard to play in the kitchen all day when you have two babies pulling at you and three big kids who want you to take them to their friends, or the movies, or the bounce place.   I could go on and on. Anyway, the plates are also personalized not only with their names but you can pick the hair style, skin tone, eye color, and hair color. The twins knew just which one was theirs and it was super cute to see their reactions to them.

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And along with the goodies I bought at the grocery store I used Once Upon a Farm’s Organic pouched for a little color, fun, and I knew if the girls wouldn’t eat the food on the plate they would for sure eat the pouches….and they sucked ever last bit of goodness out of them. I have been putting them in the big kids lunches for school as well. As you may remember from my previous post about Once Upon a Farm, my 13 year old daughter Kaitlin is in love with these pouches. Kaitlin is kind of the healthy food police in our household. She hates if we get take out and will give me a eye roll here and there if the food doesn’t look like it came straight from the farmers market…we may butt heads in this area, hummm possibly the topic of a later post perhaps? The first time we got the pouches Kaitlin did a full taste test and review that you can check out here. These pouches are fresh, whole ingredients picked in season, cold pressure protected, refrigerated and then delivered. You will not find a better tasting fruit/veggie pouch that taste more delicious, all you taste is fresh fresh goodness.



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