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I am actually feeling sad that I am writing this blog post because it means that the trip is over…LOL!!!  I remembered calling GetAwayToday and planning this trip and barely being able to contain myself.  I started planning it with them over a month in advance which is obviously great but also a little torturous at the same time.  I was planning a trip for the whole entire family…that meant my immediate family and my husband’s family as well…in total eighteen people.  The fact that we were all going to be together at Disneyland for three days was so exciting to me I just wanted it to happen.  Basically that month of waiting was pretty hard for me…oh and we kept it a secret from the kids so I couldn’t even talk about it…ahhhhh!

I should probably explain the planning process.  It may sound like a huge task to organize a trip for four different families and I am sure it usually is but not when you are doing it with GetAwayTodayGAT is one of the leading providers of Disney vacations, family vacation, adventure vacation, pretty much all vacation in the US!!  In a nut shell they have build relationships with amazing hotels and attractions to give their clients the lowest prices possible.  For me the discounts are great but it’s all the planning that they do for you that blows my mind.  This is the second time I have worked with GAT and they didn’t disappoint once again.   I called Kimberly gave her the dates we wanted to go, the number of people and their ages, and told her we also wanted to do a character dining experience.  If I am being honest the only reason I knew to include this was because the first time we booked with GAT she told me about the character dining.  She also picked out the hotel…she knew all the best places to stay.  Kimberly had all the information she needed including contact information for the other parties in our group, payment info and addresses.  She set it all up and viola, a week later we got everything we need for our trip in the mail and we were all set.  She literally took all the work of planning a trip for a large group out of my hands…and not a single thing was missed.  If you are planning a Disneyland vacation at any time…even a year from now, do not do it without calling GetAwayToday to see what they can do for you…I can’t stress enough how worth it will be for you.  I put their contact information below for you!!!

We stayed at the Courtyard Anaheim Hotel and Waterpark.  Not only does it have the coolest water park for the kids but it’s literally a block from the entrance to Disneyland.  For the person who is basically going to be with the two little girls that still require downtime this was everything.  I could leave Disneyland for naps or breaks and not feel like it was a huge deal coming and going.  The staff was also amazing.  From the lobby restaurant server to the front desk staff to the gift shop staff, you were treated like you were the only guest in the hotel…like they just wanted to do everything they could to make your stay the most amazing stay!

So now that I have given you the trip in words…how about the pictures.  Now remember I was in charge of the twins so that my husband could take the big kids on all of the BIG rides.  I was more than okay with this because I love to just walk around and people watch and I really love the kiddie rides…LOL!  Because of the videos Kaitlin does with the girls walking around also meant Mila and Emma being recognized.  It was so fun meeting our followers, they are absolutely the best!!  Everyone we met was soo kind and friendly.  It really is so fun meeting you guys! Thank you Thank you!!

Some little tidbits about Disneyland.  We went at a very busy time of year.  The first day was pretty crowded and they lost power for a while but we still had a great time!!  It really is true that not matter what, it’s the happiest place on earth!!!  The second and third day were not as busy and the ride wait times weren’t too long.  Disneyland has added a new feature however called the MaxPass.  GAT told me about it before we went so I was all prepared.  Gone are the days of running from ride to ride to get a FastPass.  If you download the Disney app, scan your tickets into the app, and pay $10 per ticket, you can get your FastPasses on your phone.  You guys this saves soo much time and soo much energy.  It makes it way easier to make it on all the rides you want to go on.  I highly recommend this.  I also recommend buying the phone chargers they have at the park.  I saved mine from last time we came and I never had to worry about my phone dying on me.  They cost $30 for one and once it dies you can go to one of the battery dispensers and get a new one for free.  I LOVED IT!!!!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

More pictures…

And we are that family that runs to take a picture of the picture from our ride…and yes they always know when the picture will be taken and always try to do a really funny one…..


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