I’m going to start off by saying this shoot would not look half as cute as it does if it weren’t for Egg by Susan Lazar.  This line is contemporary yet classic.  And they offer clothes for the youngest to the oldest littles in your life.  The story behind beautiful company: At Egg we love-love.  All eggs look the same on the outside-its on the inside that counts-pure potential.  Egg hatched in 2003, when designer Susan Lazar decided to start a lifestyle brand with a soul, focusing on the love that exists between parents and their kids…At Egg we celebrate that bond and connection in all families…Egg is designed around the needs of stylish mothers and children with natural fabrics and clean modern designs at an affordable luxury price point.  The result is fashionable, yet timeless, baby and kids clothes of the highest quality.



Alright so I have to say…..OHMYGOSH.  This really was the first time I had photographed all the kids at one time where they all had to be dressed and ready…don’t forget that includes two teething twins.  Getting everyone ready was easy enough.  I got each kid dressed and my husband cared for the babies…the screaming babies.  The panic was starting to set in, how in the world am I ever going to get all of these kids to cooperate for oh lets say…2 hours worth of photos?  Well the key is my husband.  I shoot and he  jumps and makes crazy noises behind me for the babies and cracks funny jokes for the big kids.  Oh and the other key…a trip to Target to buy Pokémon cards and candy for Kaitlin.

For the location I chose this great farm that lets you rent it for the whole day for $50.  There are so many different backdrops and setting that it’s really was a one stop shop photo shoot.  I brought so much stuff as far as props and blankets (best and most needed prop ever), water and food,  but when we got there we couldn’t bring our car back to the main area…like we had in the past.  We had to park about a mile away from where I really wanted to shoot.  So just imagine my husband carrying two babies in car seats, me a bin of props, my camera equipment, food, drinks (baby weight) and three other little people running about, petting animals and finding little BB pellets all over the place, which Charles insisted on collecting and would spill out of his pocket during every shot.

For me  the easiest thing to do is start by taking individual shots of each child then just a few kids together and then the group shots.  Also know that I use my camera and my iPhone.  Sometimes I honestly get a better shot with that little thing than my big professional camera.  I usually start with  Finn, he is easy, you say chin down, smile, and shoot.  Finn doesn’t love having his picture taken hence the pouty look he always give (little does he know I LOVE IT) He told me that he wasn’t going to do the shoot today because he had his own money and he would just buy his Pokémon cards with that when I took the other kids to the store…haha doesn’t work that way, part of the reward is being driven there too 😉  Kaitlin is a great help and likes to plan shots out for me.  “Hey mom try this or wouldn’t this be a great shot” and they usually are.  Charles is probably the hardest to photograph but the easiest at the same time.  Charles will do whatever I say but for the life of him can’t seem to keep his eyes open because of the sun.  If you have blue eyed kids you know what I am talking about.  So I have them close their eyes, I count to three and then shoot about 20 pictures in a matter of five seconds.  Finn likes to pull the “I cant open my eyes” stuff too oven at 6:30 when there is no sun.

After all of the pictures have been taken and the kids have been told what to do for two hours…I let them do what they wanted and I snapped away.  They explored, they held chickens, they got splinters, they laid in not so clean grass, they chased ducks, and they walked away saying wow that was kind of fun.  Finn looked up at me and said, “mommy I don’t like the picture part but I like the all together part, can we do it again next week but forget to bring your camera.”

Gosh I love them…

Helpful hint:

Plan the shoot out…look on Pinterest for posing ideas and props

Have food and drinks on hand…even if you are just in your front yard

Plan out the shoot, singles first and then group shots

Always say chin down….kids faces high up in the air drive me nuts

See if the kids have an ideas for pictures…this always gets my kids.

Let them have free time to do what they want to do….but keep taking pictures

Have a helper and stay calm

just a little iPhone love…


  1. Mary Lanesky March 23, 2015

    Katie I think your blog is wonderful. Loved seeing the children bring your photography, Clothing line by Susan Lazar and faces come to life. The colors were beautiful and I think your information on how to get a great picture can help many. Proud of your blog Katie Stauffer

  2. Tamia Gallego January 23, 2016

    Hi Katie

    I have read just about every blog entry, your family is beautiful and you have captured them amazingly.

    I wish my husband and I were as patient with the photography and the props. The upside is you have these beautiful photos to treasure for years to come. Hope you can find time to keep up with the blog, it is wonderful.

    Sending you hugs and blessings from Sydney, Australia.

    Tamia Gallego

    • Katie Stauffer July 26, 2016

      thanks so much. I am trying to start my blog again and sadly I am just learning that I have comments. I am so mortified. Thanks so much for the nice comments and I just did a whole blog schedule so I will be posting more often ya!!! lol!


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