I have tried to write and keep up a blog since 2006…each and every time I fail. I don’t know how many times I have written the title “It’s been way too long.”  I have every intention of keeping it up but each and every time I get in the way of myself. I feel like I don’t have anything interesting to say or more recently I’m not specific enough. I was under the impression that my blog had to be a perfectly written piece that was about something specific, something jaw dropping or something people could learn from.   Maybe all of that is true, maybe not but I don’t really care, it is all too much pressure.  Today I’m starting from the beginning. In 2006 I started my blog to keep family informed about our life during medical school and as a way for my husband and me to record moments in our busy, crazy, stressful, wonderful, happy, sad, messy, boring, and exciting lives.  I think my voice can at least offer you genuine honestly, humor, and maybe even something jaw dropping or informative, that is when I do get around to posting. I’m promising nothing about it being perfectly written though…that is unless my husband or Kailtin edit it…lol  Hope you stick around.  XO 


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