I know I still need to do my Disneyland post but honestly that is going to take me a few days…we were only suppose to stay for five days but five days turned into nine so I have a lot of pictures and video to go through.  And hopefully once I get through all of that we can actually start the vlog I have been promising.

So we stayed in California a little longer than expected and luckily Expedia saved my butt on this one…getting me last minute California logging and flights back to Arizona.  I tend to make a lot of last minute decisions, like “I really want to stay in California longer” So I just do it but neglect all the things that have to happen to make IT all happen!!    But thanks to Expedia it was all taken care of like that.  So we got to stay in Cali and make it back to Arizona in time for the 4th at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess…its literally my favorite Arizona resort!!!

And well they did not disappoint…this was easily my favorite Fourth of July EVER!!  The accommodations, activities, food, relaxation, service…was all there, but the way they celebrated our country’s  independence was truly spectacular!!! There were live concerts each night, fireworks each night, a vintage air show, and the most amazing 4th of July party.  I am still thinking about all the amazing food and the fact that the musical act that night was MJ Live…if you are an MJ fan you must check them out!!

Now for a million photos because I couldn’t decide on just a few!!! Hope your 4th of July was just as magical!!!



Stay tuned for my Big Disneyland post! And vlogging adventure!  If you can, send me some ideas on what you would like to see.  I am kind of new to the whole “vlogging” thing.  What kind of content is good content?  See I am clueless!!!!!

And of course a new Mila video is coming this weekend aaaand it may have something to do with Disneyland annoyances…bahahaha!!!

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