This past weekend was filled with first. This was the first weekend we were able to use the pool at our new house, like the water was finally warm enough (okay it was the first time it was warm enough for me)…soo exciting!!! The first time in many many months that we were all home as a family…usually one of us is gone or working or missing. And thirdly this was the first time the twins got a chance to try out their Biddle Balance Bikes we receievd from Brilliant Bikes. Kaitlin begged me to let her be the one to introduce the bikes to twins. Honestly I was more than happy to because I knew that it meant I could take sweet pictures of the whole moment and I wouldn’t have to be the crazy one losing my mind when the girls wouldn’t cooperate. I am not going to lie…I have no patience for stuff like that. It really is horrible. My husband has to do homework…I lose it if they don’t get what I am trying to teach. He is also way better at listening to stories from the kids that take hours to complete…I stare wide eyes and obviously annoyed. I at least come by it honestly and I really am trying harder to be more patients, but this weekend was not the weekend to see how I was doing…lol!!!

The girls were wide eyed with mouths open as I wheeled the bikes outside. It took a little bit of coaxing to get them to actually sit on the bikes (my husband) but once they did…there was no way we were ever going to pull them away from these beautiful little rides (literally I had one sitting out at our front door and the UPS man said “wow that is a good looking tiny bike!”) Balance Bikes…like the Biddle, teach little riders to balance first, which is generally the hardest part. Once they master coasting then they are ready for the real deal…Brilliants Pickery is a great choice once they are ready. They did switch between colors a few times, fell over a bunch, and even tried to get on Kaitlin’s bike with her, which is the adult women’s bike, the Mayfair. After a few tips on their bikes we took them over to the grass. I really didn’t want them to fall and then end up being petrified of the bikes. I know how things like that can set you back; one minute they are in love with the bike and the next scared to death and won’t go near it for months. Mila pretended to wash hers and Emma kissed hers a few times, she even insisted on holding my husbands phone while on her bike…so they pretty much acted like little girls.  The big spolier was when the neighboor came out to mow his lawn. The girls freaked out, ran towards the house screaming and slammed the front door. I knew something was going to end our time outside together…just didn’t think it was going to be a lawn mower…but that too is just another funny memory to add to the books.

I managed to capture some pretty cute images of all of my girls together. It is amazing to see how grown up and nurturing Kaitlin is. I suspect this won’t be the only memory that she is able to look back on and tell them that she was the one who taught them this or that. Actually I am happy that some of their important childhood memories will be with Kaitlin and their brothers right by their side. Growing up, those were the times I remember feeling so good that I too had big brothers that loved me so much. I literally felt like the coolest kid on the block whenever they were around helping me, teaching me, or just letting me watch whatever they were doing. Sibling bonds are pretty freaking amazing…and I hope all five of my kids have fond memories of each other now and forever!!

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