Childhood Memories….

I think I have mentioned once or twice about being an open book…if not well I am, so bare with me.  This year was the first time in about 12 years that I went home to Michigan for Christmas.  I was home for few days when I was pregnant with the twins but somehow going home this time of year is always exciting, nerve-racking, and overwhelmingly sad.  I come from a large blended and beautiful family so that means there are a lot of people to see. Mix five kids with freezing weather and Im pretty much sick just thinking about getting in and out of the car. In the end we generally make the rounds with little drama (notice I said little).

I think one of the hardest parts for me is going to a place that I lived for 18 years with my parents and five  siblings, where I made all of my childhood memories, a place that really shaped who I am as a person (good or bad) but having to do it all soo differently.  My brothers have families of their own, people they have to see, places they have to go. Then there are the people that aren’t there because they couldn’t make it…its just not ever what you remember.   Our childhood traditions  are no longer and we are not each others priorities.

When I go home I still have this need for things to be just like they were when I was little. We made our rounds as a family on Christmas Eve, my parents stayed up until wee hours of the morning wrapping the gifts they bought for us, and us kids all went to bed with the worst/best excitement in our stomach we couldn’t even take it. We woke up at 3am to open gifts and our parents never once told us it was too early.  The sight of the family room is forever burned in my mind.  Presents from wall to wall and what seemed like floor to ceiling at the time.  It was our “thing” it was what we did for the 16 years my parents and family were still together.   These were the best memories ever, and as a kid you think will happen every year until you are 100. But divorce or no divorce they don’t last forever…that’s kind of my point. We all grew up and have lives of our own. Am I the only person who is happy to grow up and have my own family but so sad to leave the family and security of that family I had when I was young? I guess change makes me super uncomfortable and when I go home it brings it all to the forefront.  All of our lives have changed, our relationships with each other have changed, our priorities have changed, and we all need each other a little less.  We all became adults, adults with opinions, different points of views, and rules.  No longer do I throw up my fists to the crowd and side with my brother because he’s all I know to be the truth. No longer do I stay up later than I am allowed to with my sisters spying on my parents movies they are watching. I now take my own stand, fight my own battles, and follow my own family in their journey to make our memories.  I guess in the end it’s all just a cycle. A cycles of good, bad, sacred, scary, beautiful and cherished memories. Time to move forward and make my own.

Which is just what we did!! We explored Michigan together, we laughed together, we had firsts together, and we even mended old wounds together.

I’m learning that now I can make new memories and traditions with my kids and husband and also   my siblings and parents. These can be the new memories that I look back on and that warm my heart and these can be the new traditions that last as longs as we want them too.

Heres to growing up and making new memories this year and next!! Happy New Year!!!


My brother Josh and his family   My brother Josh and his family My elementary school   My elementary school My first home   My first home

The next few cuz you can't decide and you like the funny ones....  The next few cuz you can’t decide and you like the funny ones….

All the little one missing but growing safely in my sisters tummy. ❤️  All the cousins…one little one missing but growing safely in my sisters tummy. ❤️ My godfather My godfather “Papa pronounced Pupu”. 96 and the most giving loving man you will ever meet.


I’m not gunna lie, dressing the twins is super fun.  literally like I have dolls again and I get to dress them however I want…at least for a couple more years anyway. I have discovered so many amazing brands from being on Instagram. I studied fashion design and merchandising in college so you would think I know a lot about fashion but it wasn’t until I started using Instagram that I realized there was a whole other fashion world out there. I found small and large businesses that design the most beautiful pieces for kids and adults.  When I found Purllamb I was so excited because not only was the collection super cute, comfortable, laid back and stylish but it has a message, a message I find I struggle with daily. This simple message reminds me that I’m not alone, I’m not weird, and I’m very very cool!!!!!

Irina, the creator of Purllamb

Hi! My name is Irina and I try to be cool, but fail at it a lot. So I started designing cool hoodies that succeeded. A LOT. So it’s safe to say that I live vicariously through my hoodies. I design with comfort in mind because there isn’t anything better than living in your sweats 24/7. Trademark designs that capture the fun spirit of childhood is what we are all about. Welcome!

Oh and besides being totally uncool, I also discovered that life is not about fitting in but following Christ, no matter how uncool some people may find that to be. Create the life you want with the feature life in mind.


I have tried to write and keep up a blog since 2006…each and every time I fail. I don’t know how many times I have written the title “It’s been way too long.”  I have every intention of keeping it up but each and every time I get in the way of myself. I feel like I don’t have anything interesting to say or more recently I’m not specific enough. I was under the impression that my blog had to be a perfectly written piece that was about something specific, something jaw dropping or something people could learn from.   Maybe all of that is true, maybe not but I don’t really care, it is all too much pressure.  Today I’m starting from the beginning. In 2006 I started my blog to keep family informed about our life during medical school and as a way for my husband and me to record moments in our busy, crazy, stressful, wonderful, happy, sad, messy, boring, and exciting lives.  I think my voice can at least offer you genuine honestly, humor, and maybe even something jaw dropping or informative, that is when I do get around to posting. I’m promising nothing about it being perfectly written though…that is unless my husband or Kailtin edit it…lol  Hope you stick around.  XO 


Rylee & Cru

All I can say is that I was beyond excited for Rylee and Cru to release their Spring/Summer 2015 line…It is such a sweet, delicate, yet modern line.  When my package arrived I ripped it open quickly…dying to see the tiny little pieces inside, I was beyond blown away.  The fabrics are so soft and luscious, I have never felt anything like it.  I honestly need a King size blanket made out of their amazing fabrics.

I tried to be casual with this shoot.  I literally dressed the girls up, put them in the car and away we went without a spot in mind.  It was late so I knew I had to pick a spot and just do it.  I stumbled upon an RV park. I thought…this could be an interesting backdrop.  I was almost right until the Arizona sun once again, was ruining my shoot.  There was no escaping it either.  Open shade? In Arizona it is more like open sun…everywhere!! I decided to snap a few anyway.

toooooo sunny!! toooooo sunny!!

This was literally a test shot….Mila was sleeping in the car and I didn’t even bother to take her out.  I snapped one or two, got back in the car and again drove aimlessly. I drove the streets by my house looking for something that caught my eye.  Within minutes I found myself standing in a gas station parking lot.  Behind the gas station was an empty lot that had basically been neglected.  The weeds were growing so tall it looked like a field of flowers…lol!!! I jumped out of the car surveyed my surrounds and decided to give this spot a chance.

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Kaitlins performance…

So this is not The school performance obviously. While I was taping I got a phone call.  Luckily the at-home version is way way better. The school acoustics are pretty much horrible.

She’s already written three more songs that are even better. I’m so amazed by this girl every day.  Her courage and grace is immeasurable. And like Marjorie Houseman says is Dirty Dancing, “I think she gets it from me.” Bahahahaha!!