I have made it kind of clear many times that I do not have a green thumb…like not even the slightest slightest shade of muted muted green.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love beautiful blooms and super pretty hanging plants.  It just means I could never really have a beautiful backyard garden or house filled with stunning plants because it requires time and new knowledge that I don’t have time for.  I can barely remember to pick some up at the grocery store when I am there.  I always have flowers in mind when I am shopping.  It isn’t until I get home that I am reminded by the numerous empty vases scattered around the house that once again I have come home empty-handed in the floral department.  But finally I have found a solution…The Bouqs!!!

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iPhone CLEAN UP!!

I’ll keep it short and sweet.  I’ve said this before, the whole social media rule thing about how many photos to post in a day, stay away from follow Fridays, don’t do sponsored adds…blah blah blah.  My thoughts…do whatever you want and if they don’t like it they can unfollow.  However if I posted every photo I ever liked that was on my camera roll, I would probably be the only person who showed up in your feed, algorithm or not…and then you would unfollow me soo.  With that said, I have decided, at the end of each month I am going to unload my camera roll of favorites to my blog.  If you want to see them you can head on over here and if you don’t then you can not head over here…pretty simple right.  Okay so with that said here are about 30+ photos for your viewing pleasure!!



I’m gunna admit it…I don’t love it when people post 7 different versions of the same photo on Facebook or Instagram….but I’m about to. I can snap 100 photos and when I’m looking through them I die. Not because I think the kids are so cute (I mean I do but…) but because each facial expression, each gesture , or stance is either hilarious, loving, or emotional and I caught it. I snapped at just the right moment and now I have it to look at forever. To laugh at, cry at, even roll my eyes at. They evoke an emotion from me no matter how many times I look at them and…well since none of you really know me…I tend to not shy away from displaying dramatic emotion. I’m not like a stone face or anything…I just have a hard time sharing a lot emotions (except laughter) with people. Don’t worry I am super loving to my family…just other people you know?  I’m sure this means I have some hidden bottled up pain I don’t know about but…I don’t know about it sooooo it works!!!!!

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Sooooo lets try this one more time.  I am REALLLLLY going to start blogging on a more regular schedule.   I sat down and jotted down some topics that will be reoccurring and hopefully timely…oh and interesting.   Speaking of which, what interests you?  What would you what me to blog about?  I mean I take a lot of picture of my kids…yes more so the babies (one day I may blog about that!!) I know that people like to see pictures of the twins…especially sleeping ones, and the house, but that’s about it.  Oh my gosh that’s it?  I am so boring.  But really send me an email.  Give me some topics.  I would love to know what you think and what you would want read about or see or laugh at.

Today however I am starting out totally easy.  A big fat easy recipe.  Did you know that before Instagram, my creative outlet was cooking.  I am by no means a chef and this will not be a cooking blog (I would not want to insult the pros ;)) but I’ll throw one up here every once in a while that my gang likes.   I love searching through recipes, finding one that the whole family might love, and creating it.  I think the foods you like and they way you eat tell a lot about a family.  My choices may make me look like Peg Bundy or some other really crazy mom at times but I am cool with that.  I definitely eat right and so do the kids but I am all for a good McDonald’s lunch or a cereal for dinner night.  Everything in moderation I think is okay…and even sometimes it’s a little more than moderation but……okay anyway back to the recipe.  

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This past weekend was filled with first. This was the first weekend we were able to use the pool at our new house, like the water was finally warm enough (okay it was the first time it was warm enough for me)…soo exciting!!! The first time in many many months that we were all home as a family…usually one of us is gone or working or missing. And thirdly this was the first time the twins got a chance to try out their Biddle Balance Bikes we receievd from Brilliant Bikes. Kaitlin begged me to let her be the one to introduce the bikes to twins. Honestly I was more than happy to because I knew that it meant I could take sweet pictures of the whole moment and I wouldn’t have to be the crazy one losing my mind when the girls wouldn’t cooperate. I am not going to lie…I have no patience for stuff like that. It really is horrible. My husband has to do homework…I lose it if they don’t get what I am trying to teach. He is also way better at listening to stories from the kids that take hours to complete…I stare wide eyes and obviously annoyed. I at least come by it honestly and I really am trying harder to be more patients, but this weekend was not the weekend to see how I was doing…lol!!!

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