I have to say I love when I find a good childrens album that I can listen to in the car with the kids and one, not be reminded of a big purple dinosaur or two makes me want to pull over and jump out of the car. Anybody else feel this way? I mean why not just some cute kid friendly versus on top of some super cool tunes? Someone feels me became Bobby Bones released an extended version of his Raging Kidiots…Kiddy Up album and it’s perfection. The album features a number of fun, kid-friendly tracks that I too like to bop to in the car…yes I said bop!! They are easy on the ears and still teach kids some really good life lessons. Songs like Recess, When I Grow Up and my favorite Bad Manner Blues. Check it out here for a little sample. You’ll thank me!! And we may have listened to the whole album twice and I may have let them dance in the counters the whole time…oops!!!

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I’m sure you can tell just by looking on Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, or design blogs that rugs are pretty hot right now. They are a great way to make an affordable statement in any room. They add style and warmth to any room. I have to say I am all about wood floors everywhere but I cant help but throw a cool rug over them.  For the kids homework room I needed to go with something durable, cozy, yet still stylish. I love the rug I got from Ecarpetgallery. It fits perfectly in this space and it’s not to girly and it’s not to boyish…its pretty much just awesome!!! It also hides dirt so I don’t have to vacuum every time one of the kids takes one step in the room.  Believe me they are like tiny human tornadoes…all of them.  They whip right through and within seconds it seems like everything magically is turned upside down.  And if Emma or Mila decided to have a marker party in there this rug would be very kind to me…lol!!!! (the table not so much!!!) Ecarpetgallery has the best selection of rugs from tradtional, to contemporary, to beautiful morraccan rugs.  They have also been cool enough to give all of my readers 20% off their first purchase. The prices are already amazing so this just makes it even sweeter. Click  here to head over to Ecarpetgallery and grab the discount.  Use code ECGBLOGOVERWALL. You will thank me when the rug comes, you put it in place, stand back and fall in love with your house all over again!!!  Ecarpetgallery also has a pretty great blog that you can check out to stay up to date on new décor trends. Click here for their blog and again to shop head to their website www.ecarpetgallery.com







I cant begin to tell you how excited I was to get these plates. First off I was going to be able to play with food and make outfits out of it…whoot whoot. I majored in Fashion Design in college, and well never actually did anything with it so this was pretty cool for me. When I was in design school my dream was to be a children’s clothing designer because kids look so cute in everything. In the end I got married, had kids, and eventually got a really great job that has nothing to do with fashion or creativity. The lack of creativity in my wonderful current job…lol…is why my Instagram is so important to me. I am finally able to be creative and people seemed to like it…it really does feel good, so thanks for that!!!

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I have made it kind of clear many times that I do not have a green thumb…like not even the slightest slightest shade of muted muted green.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love beautiful blooms and super pretty hanging plants.  It just means I could never really have a beautiful backyard garden or house filled with stunning plants because it requires time and new knowledge that I don’t have time for.  I can barely remember to pick some up at the grocery store when I am there.  I always have flowers in mind when I am shopping.  It isn’t until I get home that I am reminded by the numerous empty vases scattered around the house that once again I have come home empty-handed in the floral department.  But finally I have found a solution…The Bouqs!!!

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iPhone CLEAN UP!!

I’ll keep it short and sweet.  I’ve said this before, the whole social media rule thing about how many photos to post in a day, stay away from follow Fridays, don’t do sponsored adds…blah blah blah.  My thoughts…do whatever you want and if they don’t like it they can unfollow.  However if I posted every photo I ever liked that was on my camera roll, I would probably be the only person who showed up in your feed, algorithm or not…and then you would unfollow me soo.  With that said, I have decided, at the end of each month I am going to unload my camera roll of favorites to my blog.  If you want to see them you can head on over here and if you don’t then you can not head over here…pretty simple right.  Okay so with that said here are about 30+ photos for your viewing pleasure!!


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