To say the past couple of months have been busy is an understatement!!!!  (hence the reason I am writing now) We have literally been non stop but I’m not complaining…it has been a BLAST!!  The biggest developement has been me quitting my job.  I have worked in escrow for the past 12 years, which was fun but I really wanted to be home with my kids.  I mean five kids and two parents who work outside of the home…crazy…something had to give.  I guess I’ll throw this in too really quickly, you see #ad on my photos sometimes and I know that rubs some people the wrong way but I think if people knew more about why I do it they wouldn’t leave the wonderful comments they sometimes do on my pictures.  My Instagram started as a hobby and then over  time (I’ve been posting for about 5 years) I realized that maybe this could be my job (a career not a job), one that allows me to be home with my kids.  And that is just what happened.  I was eventually able to earn money through my Instagram.  I work with companies that we as a family use and like…if I post it, we use it and that’s the truth.  However as a busy mom, I don’t have a lot of time to research the stuff I buy so occasionally I am educated on social media…which is good and terrifying all at the same time.  All this is to say that I will have sponsored posts but please know that they are true and genuine.  This is my career and a lot of work goes into each post…a lot!  But the best part for me is that I am home with my kids and doing it all with them…and they love it.

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Okay so we have been to Disneyland before…being in Arizona makes it kind of convenient, but in all honesty we have only ever gone for one day…which really equates to hours.  One day people IS NOT ENOUGH.  Last month we were lucky enough to get help from Get Away Today…it was a game changer.  GAT took care of everything!! I gave the dates, the amount of people, the things we wanted to do, and viola it was all done.  They even sent me things I wanted that I didn’t know I wanted.  It all came in a little package in the mail, I put it all in my purse and we were off.  I literally had to do nothing!!  They also sent me important email before my trip filled with good things to know while you are at Disneyland….like where you can charger your cell phone….they have chargers people!!! This was huge since well…I use my phone way too much…videos, pictures, hello!!!

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So, we decided to extend our Disney trip and we’re staying in California for this beautiful 4th of July weekend. (Sorry AZ – We need a break from the heat. I think we all remember Mila’s accurate description of what THAT’S like…click here if you missed it lol) The weather is perfect in SoCal right now… we’ve been lucky enough to find some beautiful places to stay in Laguna Beach and Newport. The kids love the beach… Soooo many sand castles.

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Off to the Mouse House!

Well, we’re finally off the mouse house. This, my friends, has been a long time coming and the kids could not be more excited! The packing has been a little intense, but I have to say that it’s been worth it to take the time to make sure we not only have backpacks full of items to keep the kids content on the plane, in the cars, and while waiting in lines, but also to ensure we have the tools and supplies to keep them hydrated and snacked up in what I fear is going to be some intense Anaheim heat. No, really, I’m not nervous at all! 😉 After all, it’s the most magical place on earth, and armed with the following, I’m sure we’re going to be just fine.

Several of our go-to products for this trip have provided me with exclusive discount codes for my readers, so keep on scrolling to take advantage of all the great savings! Keep an eye on Instagram and FB this week to keep up to date with all the magical mayhem that is about to enuse!

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