iPhone CLEAN UP!!

I’ll keep it short and sweet.  I’ve said this before, the whole social media rule thing about how many photos to post in a day, stay away from follow Fridays, don’t do sponsored adds…blah blah blah.  My thoughts…do whatever you want and if they don’t like it they can unfollow.  However if I posted every photo I ever liked that was on my camera roll, I would probably be the only person who showed up in your feed, algorithm or not…and then you would unfollow me soo.  With that said, I have decided, at the end of each month I am going to unload my camera roll of favorites to my blog.  If you want to see them you can head on over here and if you don’t then you can not head over here…pretty simple right.  Okay so with that said here are about 30+ photos for your viewing pleasure!!


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