I’ve said it before…picking just one photo to post on Instagram can be daunting.  Sometimes I want to post all seven…if I had seven. But I know that that would be super annoying so thank goodness I have this spot to post all seven…well in this case it was only three but still. In this case, I was standing in the kitchen and looked over at Mila totally having a moment with her baby doll. I soo did not think I would be able to whip out my phone fast enough before she was on the move again. Mila stayed there for at least another minute and I felt like I had just won the lotery.  It was Mila being Mila…I want to be able to tell her just how she was when she was little and right now this is her.  She is sweet, kind, gentle, funny, loving…everything these pictures represent.



  1. Dania July 20, 2016

    Hi! Is her name pronounced Me-la or My-la? I have a Mila (Me-la) that is 21 months old so just curious.. 🙂

    • Katie Stauffer July 26, 2016

      Mela lol!!! thanks!!


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