Sometimes I can’t decide on just one photos to post to my Instagram and we all know that you can’t load your feed up with different versions of one photo…or so I have been told, that and there is a limit to how many photos you should post daily.   I mean I’m not gunna lie I kind of agree, nobody wants to see 7 different version of Emma siting on a chair…so what do I do?  Before today I just let them sit on my camera roll or disappear into nowhere land. Today I decided I’m going to post them here.  I’m not sure how many people even come to my blog yet since I’m not that great at updating it but the lucky ones will now get to read all my extremely interesting post AND see all 30 versions of one photo that I just couldn’t let disappear into the camera roll abyss.


  1. Gherine January 23, 2016

    I would like 400 of them your family is precious ! Not having anymore babies in my house I love seeing your kids and my nieces and nephews. Keep up the great work your doing awesome!

    • Katie Stauffer July 26, 2016

      thanks so much and so sorry it took me so long to reply!!

  2. Eryn May 16, 2016

    Hi! Love your blog and pics! What type of camera do you use?

    • Katie Stauffer July 26, 2016

      lately I have just been using my iPhone. I use to use my Nikon D600 but after the twins it was too much work to get it out.

  3. Mallory May 18, 2016

    She is adorable. May I ask where did you get that cursive board behind her?

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