It all started with a little curiosity…what is this thing called Instagram and how is it any different than posting a picture to facebook?  The answer to that question was quickly revealed to me by following one account…@joshjohnson.  This little app was way more than just posting a photo for your friends and family to see…it was a place to post images that will inspire others, evoke creativity, and build confidence.  Each comment, whether it was as simple as “great pic” or “wow” made me want to learn more, to be more creative, and to make me believe I was actually good at this.  Since my main subjects were and are my kids, I made them pose for me.  I bought white boards to make the photos look modern, and bought props…I even made my kids take baths in their bathing suits to get different and creative shots.  Then one day I said, “kids, lets go over our wall in the backyard.”  This term eventually became habitual and they knew exactly what it meant.  Over our wall meant we were going to be creative, be together, create memories, and yes even throw a few fits, and I don’t just mean the kids…lol!!

Over the last 3 years on Instagram I have really grown a lot, made wonderful connections with people all over the world, and have built a confidence I never thought I would ever have.  I get asked often, “how do you do it?  How do you get your kids to take such great photos? Where do you buy their clothes?  Where did you get those fun props?”  With a little nudging from a sweet IG friend, I was inspired to launch this blog.  I want to help everyone take wonderful photos of their everyday lives.  Believe me, there are techniques and tips that I have learned along the way that have changed my photos from okay to something special.  So get ready with your iPhone or camera and lets go capture beautiful memories to share.