Editing Tips


The Videos: Everything you ever wanted to know about the videos

1.)I use my iPhone to record them…well actually my daughter and I do.

2.)We edit them in iMovie on our iPhones

3.) We only spend about 15 minutes filming them…and we do them about once a week.

4.) Mila loves it and if she acts not interested we stop

5.) The video are not entirely scripted.  We either film Mila telling a story or ask her questions to get her to tell a story and then with what we have, we tell her to say things to wrap it all up and make it all make sense…or even a little funnier!

*****If you have more questions please feel free to email me as that is the best way to contact me.  I sadly don’t read many comments on Facebook because…well they aren’t always that nice.  I do read all of the messages in my inbox but sadly I cant respond to all…but email me for sure!!

How I edit my photos:

1.) I haven’t used my big camera in over a year…I am just using my iPhone 7s plus

2.) I use VSCO filter A6…I think a lot of people do

3.)I edit within VSCO and also Snapseed,  and Retouch, and Juxtaposer (if you only knew some of the things I did with this app…bahahahah)

5.) I always thing about where I am standing and my point of view.  I like to be eye level to my subject or shoot from above…get on a stool if you have to.  Shooting from the ground can be fun and try to think of the rule of thirds.  Sometimes it’s cool to center a subject but it needs to be the right shot.