Editing Tips


People often ask how do you edit your photos:

1.) I havent used my big camera in over a year…I am just using my iPhone 6s plus

2.) I use VSCO filter A6…I think a lot of people do

3.) I don’t edit in VSCO because the editing tools are not great.  One notch of brightness is like 100 times brighter…basically not enough control

4.) I edit in Snapseed, Priime, and Retouch, and Juxtaposer (if you only knew some of the things I did with this app…bahahahah)

5.) I always thing about where I am standing and my point of view.  I like to be eye level to my subject or shoot from above…get on a stool if you have to.  Shooting from the ground can be fun and try to think of the rule of thirds.  Sometimes its cool to center a subject but it need to be the right shot.

I’ll add more as I learn because I am always learning.