I’m not gunna lie, dressing the twins is super fun.  literally like I have dolls again and I get to dress them however I want…at least for a couple more years anyway. I have discovered so many amazing brands from being on Instagram. I studied fashion design and merchandising in college so you would think I know a lot about fashion but it wasn’t until I started using Instagram that I realized there was a whole other fashion world out there. I found small and large businesses that design the most beautiful pieces for kids and adults.  When I found Purllamb I was so excited because not only was the collection super cute, comfortable, laid back and stylish but it has a message, a message I find I struggle with daily. This simple message reminds me that I’m not alone, I’m not weird, and I’m very very cool!!!!!

Irina, the creator of Purllamb

Hi! My name is Irina and I try to be cool, but fail at it a lot. So I started designing cool hoodies that succeeded. A LOT. So it’s safe to say that I live vicariously through my hoodies. I design with comfort in mind because there isn’t anything better than living in your sweats 24/7. Trademark designs that capture the fun spirit of childhood is what we are all about. Welcome!

Oh and besides being totally uncool, I also discovered that life is not about fitting in but following Christ, no matter how uncool some people may find that to be. Create the life you want with the feature life in mind.  www.purllamb.com

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