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Well it’s that time of year again…the Holiday dress-up season!! When Kaitlin was little she loved to dress up…she still does but that seems normal to me. It was when she was little that I thought it was so cute that she would beg to wear a fancy dress for no reason. Then I had Charles…he doesn’t love to dress up. Then I had Finn and I think he cares as much as Charles…that’s boys for ya!! Then I had twin girls and it seems I have come full circle.

Mila and Emma love to dress up. They love to dress up so much they don’t even need an occasion. The bigger the pouf, the more glitter it has, the more dramatic it looks…is always best. As soon as we wake up they dash to their closet begging for me to grab a “fancy dress” from their closet. But now that we have a few things that we need to get a little fancy for I have of course gone straight to Boomdash.

To start the season off we had a few big events in Los Angeles that I knew the girls would need to be a little dressier for. Boomdash knows just what the kids like and shows me the best picks for each child. Not only does the fact that I don’t have to go to the store with the kids make me so happy but knowing that the kids are not going to refuse to wear what comes in the mail makes me ecstatic!!

I made sure to choose two kinds of dressier looks, a casual dressy lookthat can go from the early day part through the rest of the day and one that is just dressy. These two had so much fun letting me take pictures of them in the hotel room. The room was sophisticated, and they were dressed up, so I think they were feeling very glamourous.

If you are crazy busy and looking for any way possible to steal a few minutes each day to give back to family time, check out Boomdash.  It will be a huge life saver for you. We all need clothing, but it doesn’t need to involve getting ready to go out, getting all the kids in the car, drive time, and walking from store to store. Take that time and use 10 minutes of it to go online, shop over several stores, and check out with one shopping cart. Now you have about 2 extra hours so do the fun stuff with your family!!! You will thank me!

Also use code: OVEROURWALL20 to take an extra 20% off when you check out on Boomdash.

See all of the dresses Mila and Emma are wearing here.

Navy Pleated Chiffon Dress

White Quilted Faux Fur Collar Dress

Navy and White Striped Tulle Dress

Chambray and Pink Embellished Top and Leggings Set

Don’t forget to take Boomdash’s style quiz to get personalized style recommendations based what your kids like! Take the quiz here!

Pictures were taken at the beautiful SLS Beverly Hills Hotel in the Presidential Suite.

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  1. Laura November 30, 2017

    I absolutely love your family!! Every time I get a notification that there is a new post on YouTube, it brightens up my day.


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