The True Magic of Christmas


Every year as a family we do something for a family in need. We adopt a family for Christmas through church, donate money to a charity, or serve as a family at a local food kitchen. This year I am totally embarrassed to say that the craziness of life got the best of us and we had nothing planned, well until Pampers contacted me. They asked me to help them find a family who could use a little extra grace this season. As I am dashing around store to store finding gifts for my family, my fortunate family in so many ways, worrying if I got Finn the right Lego set or Charles the right football, their are families, families with little kiddos just like them who are just praying they have enough money to pay the electric bill so the kids stay warm at night. They may also be hoping they have enough from their paycheck to feed the family on Christmas Day.

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A few weeks shy of being in the house a year, I am putting the finishing touches on the playroom.  It took the longest because I needed the kids to looove this room.  A place the kids wanted to play in, read in, watch tv in, even disappear to, if you know what I mean….mama needs some alone time…sorry!!  The playroom is honestly one of my favorite rooms in our house because of its shape and A-frame ceilings.  It has little nooks and crannies with built in desks, along with four little closets that house the girls toys in one, the boys toys in another, stuffed animals in another, and Kaitlin’s secret hide away in the last one.  One day I’ll convert the girls toy closet into a playhouse.  The other side of the house, just above the garage, has an exact replica of the playroom.  That side will eventually be a movie theater-office for my husband.  Yep the playroom took precedence…is that bad??

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Dove…Love Your Hair

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Okay ladies…lets talk hair! Clean hair, dirty hair, bedhead whatever you got.   Rencently @Dove found that 8 in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way. It never even dawned on me that this was actually a thing. I mean I know women feel that pressure with being a certain dress size and even the clothes they wear, but really hair never occurred to me. Realizing now that this is a real thing and that it can begin at an early age, I want all of my daughters to know that their hair is beautiful and unique. When you think about it, everyones hair is completely different from one another. It’s kind of like each head of hair is much like a snowflake…no two are the same. This makes us all unique and special in our own way. It’s was sets us apart and makes us awesomely different. I still remember all of the ways my mom spoke to me each day secretly building my confidence. I remember then she told me I was artitic. I believed it and that confidence stuck with me anytime I had to create something. I created and it always turned out just the way I hoped. I know what it was the constant reminder and reinforcement that enabeled me to do it each and every time. Looking back and knowing how postivity effected me, I want to make a concious effort to remind all my kids of their stengths in all areas of their lives. And since appearance can be such a tough one for girls to really feel confident about…Im going to start there.

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