I’m gunna admit it…I don’t love it when people post 7 different versions of the same photo on Facebook or Instagram….but I’m about to. I can snap 100 photos and when I’m looking through them I die. Not because I think the kids are so cute (I mean I do but…) but because each facial expression, each gesture , or stance is either hilarious, loving, or emotional and I caught it. I snapped at just the right moment and now I have it to look at forever. To laugh at, cry at, even roll my eyes at. They evoke an emotion from me no matter how many times I look at them and…well since none of you really know me…I tend to not shy away from displaying dramatic emotion. I’m not like a stone face or anything…I just have a hard time sharing a lot emotions (except laughter) with people. Don’t worry I am super loving to my family…just other people you know?  I’m sure this means I have some hidden bottled up pain I don’t know about but…I don’t know about it sooooo it works!!!!!

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Sooooo lets try this one more time.  I am REALLLLLY going to start blogging on a more regular schedule.   I sat down and jotted down some topics that will be reoccurring and hopefully timely…oh and interesting.   Speaking of which, what interests you?  What would you what me to blog about?  I mean I take a lot of picture of my kids…yes more so the babies (one day I may blog about that!!) I know that people like to see pictures of the twins…especially sleeping ones, and the house, but that’s about it.  Oh my gosh that’s it?  I am so boring.  But really send me an email.  Give me some topics.  I would love to know what you think and what you would want read about or see or laugh at.

Today however I am starting out totally easy.  A big fat easy recipe.  Did you know that before Instagram, my creative outlet was cooking.  I am by no means a chef and this will not be a cooking blog (I would not want to insult the pros ;)) but I’ll throw one up here every once in a while that my gang likes.   I love searching through recipes, finding one that the whole family might love, and creating it.  I think the foods you like and they way you eat tell a lot about a family.  My choices may make me look like Peg Bundy or some other really crazy mom at times but I am cool with that.  I definitely eat right and so do the kids but I am all for a good McDonald’s lunch or a cereal for dinner night.  Everything in moderation I think is okay…and even sometimes it’s a little more than moderation but……okay anyway back to the recipe.  

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