Aggie and Francois!

It is no secret that I love buying my kids clothes…especially girl clothing.  Kaitlin being 13 and two boys after her, its been a while since I needed to go buy little girl clothes.  When I was pregnant I so badly wanted a girl and for that very reason.  Not that it should matter but buying boys clothes isn’t as fun.  I mean its fun but there is nothing like finding a beautiful dress for your little girl, the anticipation of getting her in it is actually very emotional….lol!!  I would say it has something to do with dressing my own baby dolls as a child and then getting to do it in real life.  When I found out I was having twin girls I think I almost passes out with excitement as did my husband but for different reasons, one being his wallet.

Through Instagram I have discovered so many amazing clothing designers, its like there is a whole fashion world beyond the mall and online shopping.  Instagram has introduced me to small designers that are creating the most amazing lines, the lines that literally you dream about, yes I dream about these things…I did of course go to school for fashion design.  Somehow, through Instagram, I stumbled upon Aggie and Francois.  Elaine Hansor is the amazing designer behind this vintage inspired line for boys and girls.  The dresses are perfectly sewn with soft cottons and vintage silks.  Many include a crinoline petticoat sewn into the skirt to add the most beautiful vintage feel.  Even the buttons are vintage so no one dress is ever alike.  I can’t even begin to express my love for these dresses.  They arent over the top or loaded with ribbons and lace.  It is just the right amount of everything.  Its literally like having your very own one-of-a-kind couture dress.  After your little one out grows this dress you will want to keep it and preserve it just like you will her wedding dress. I am not kidding.  When they arrived in the mail I felt like I was handling the most precious dress ever, l felt like my hands needed white gloves just to handle them.  My mom actually cried when she saw them.  No amount of word can express to you what an amazing job Elaine Hansor has done creating this magical line of clothing, but I think a few pictures below can show you how truly special they are.  And dont forget to head over to my instagram page and tag a few friends to be entered into the giveaway.  Aggie and Francois is giving away a beautiful dress to one of my followers (head over to her Instagram page to check it out).  She is also offering 15% off to everyone else through February. Code: KATIELOVES15


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