Honest Potty-Training

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Well it is finally official…the twins are potty-trained. I am happy to report it was just before they turned three, not that that matters but I’m throwing it in there. I don’t why but I was kind of putting off potty-training them. With the other three kids I was on top of it, I even started with Kaitlin at 18 months. I started potty-training the boys at 2 years old and it took about 3 days. I guess with the twin’s, part of me was nervous, clueless and lazy. I was like I mean if it happens by kindergarten then we are good…right? But then I had this burst of energy or maybe it was the sweet package that Honest Company sent me that pushed me into gear.

So, one morning I decided today was the day. The girls got up and I told them today they were wearing underwear and that was that. I sat them down and said okay so you don’t go potty in these, if you need to go potty you must come and get me, and we will go to the bathroom. They looked at me like, “okay…we got this.”

That first day I think they each had an accident in the morning and I was like ugh okay this is going to be rough, but they went the rest of the day accident free. Now fast forward to night time…I was not prepared to let them go to bed with out anything…mainly I didn’t want to ruin their Kip & Co bedding…lol!! But I had a plan.  The Honest Company sent me the cutest training pants…they had unicorns on them. The girls had seen them and were begging to wear them. I told them that if they were accident free all day then they could wear them at night. They were like okay cool!!

So that was the plan underwear during the day and training pants at night…oh and night I didn’t give then any liquids after 7pm and took them to use the bathroom at night. I did this whole routine for about a week and the only accidents they had were the ones when they would be running to the potty and didn’t quite make it in time. I have also since stopped using the training pants at night. The key there is to not give them any liquids before bed. And you will know when you are ready to stop the training pants when they wake up dry for at least a week.

People would comment all the time that they couldn’t believe they weren’t potty trained when they were two…I am not going to lie it hurt. I felt like I was being judged. But now I am sooo happy I waited. I potty-trained two little girls in less than a week and with very little accidents. It was a breeze. Sure, I could have started earlier but I think the results would have been different and the emotional stress of it all would have made me a less than pleasant mother. Basically, what I am saying is do what is right for you, don’t let anyone tell you what you are supposed to be doing with your children. Everyone is different, every family is different, and never forget you are doing a great job!!!

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Partying With BoomDash!!

Well it’s that time of year again…the Holiday dress-up season!! When Kaitlin was little she loved to dress up…she still does but that seems normal to me. It was when she was little that I thought it was so cute that she would beg to wear a fancy dress for no reason. Then I had Charles…he doesn’t love to dress up. Then I had Finn and I think he cares as much as Charles…that’s boys for ya!! Then I had twin girls and it seems I have come full circle.

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I had every intention of doing a post on how I make their costumes from start to post, but the thing is…it just happens soo fast and I forget. For the next costume I will try to slow down and give you the play by play. I actually plan on two more costume pictures before Halloween. I have a fun one and of course the one they have chosen for the big day…LOL!!  Until then enjoy these fun outtakes. Some I like just because of one of the girls faces or their interaction between each other…and some are just funny.  Which one is your favorite?

Mila on RightThisMinute…

We’ve  had so much fun watching Mila’s videos make it to the TV Show RightThisMinute.  The commentary between the cast just kills me.  Below is a sweet message from Amy Alvidrez, Producer at RightThisMinute…who happens to be one of the coolest people ever.  Enjoy!!

Two words: Miss Mila!  This sassy toddler won the internet with a phone call to the “infamous” Sawyer.  And when we first featured that telephonic tantrum on our viral video show RightThisMinute back in May, we knew we were watching the rise of a bright new star.  Phoenix-based RightThisMinute is all about finding the stories behind the viral videos everyone likes and shares with family, friends and co-workers on social media.  This hometown duo of tiny actress Mila and big sister/cinematographer/editor/director Kaitlin pack quite a one-two punch as they dish on preschool, travel tips, and dealing with the brother that everyone blames–Charles!  Hosts Charity Bailey and Oli Pettigrew refer to Mila as their girl and love sharing the latest shenanigans on our show.  So enjoy this mini-trip down Mila Lane with all of her RightThisMinute appearances to date.  You can click on the link to find when RTM airs in your part of the country https://www.rightthisminute.com/about/stations  or find us anytime online at RightThisMinute.com

-Written by Amy Alvidrez, Producer at RightThisMinute

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